OPTIMIZR review meeting in Brussels

The OPTIMIZR team met in Brussels for the last review meeting with EU Officers, to present them the final results of the project. RTDs explained the work performed during the project period and the SMEs gave their presentation about the plans for exploiting the project results. The 24 month project ended with success,- the consortium reached the initial project objectives.

M24 meeting held in Budapest

26th-27th of September was held the OPTIMIZR project meeting at the MAVEN offices in Budapest. These is the last meeting before the final project review that will take place in Brussels on 22nd October. The objective of the meeting was to update the state of the project and discuss the final tasks in order to successfully close the project. The RTDs show to the SMEs a demo of the tool and made a short training about how it works.

OPTIMIZR video clip is now available

Optimizr Consortium Meets in Budapest

The Optimizr RTD and SME partners met this past May 19, 2014 in Budapest for the M9 General Meeting. The RTDs presented progress on various technical work packages, among them those related to the Information Extraction system, the Databases for information processing and storage, as well as the development of the User Interface of the Optimizr platform. After the General Meeting, the SME partners held an Exploitation Board meeting to discuss plans for the dissemination of the project results, as well as business models for the future exploitation of the technology. The meeting in Budapest was graciously hosted by SME partners WAVE Europe and Maven7 Research.

Optimizr M6 in Milan

The Optimizr consortium met in Milan on March 6th, 2013 at the offices of SME partner Accurat for the M6 General Meeting. The RTDs presented thei work on the semantic analysis system and the Information Extraction modules, as well as an introduction to work to be done on the User Interface and Data Visualization parts of the system.The partners discussed their business needs in relation to the Optimizr product features and carried out conversations around possible models for exploitation. On March 7th, the consortium received coaching for the preparation of dissemination and exploitation plans to help focus these conversations moving forward.

M3 Meeting at the Google Campus in London

The Optimizr consortium held its M3 technical meeting on December 10, 2013 at the Google Campus in London. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the progress of the first 3 months of the project and the upcoming work packages. The RTD partners discussed the various technologies and methodologies to be employed in the project and the SME partners provided vital end user feedback that will help guide the project to achieving product-market fit. The SMEs also exchanged feedback on the possible commercial route for the project’s results. The consortium looks forward to the next project meeting, M6, which will be held in Milan in March.

September 2013, Kick-Off Meeting in Barcelona

Last 19th of September, Barcelona was the place selected for the kick-off meeting of the new and innovative FP7 project Optimizr. Ateknea Solutions, one of the Spanish partners based in Barcelona area, coordinated the meeting and offered a welcome-dinner to the group. Optimizr is a 24 months project conformed by partners from Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Malta and Spain. All rules regarding the Programme  “Research for the Benefit of the SMEs” in the FP7, the technical objectives of the project, the tasks that will lead the SMEs to their targets for the future commercialisation of the solution, were reviewed. This first meeting helped the Consortium shape the technical agenda for other future […]