Reasons why SEO is important for freelancers and stores

In order to gain many customers, your site must first become visible. It can work with different methods. Search engine optimization is a top choice. We’ll explain why SEO may be the most important online marketing channel for you and show you the benefits of SEO.

SEO traffic costs nothing in the long run

With ads, you have to pay for each click. Fortunately, this is not the case with organic traffic ! Of course, there are some prerequisites if you want to bring in customers through search engines. It costs money to set up a website, a store and also a blog. You need software, possibly suitable hardware and a server. If you do not write the texts yourself, you can decide to hire an SEO writer who will help you to become visible with the content.

You can plan SEO measures well

When your content marketing plan is in place, you know which blog post should appear and when. If you run a store yourself, you also have a plan for when what product should be released. You can very well combine the two in the editorial plan. There are also technical measures such as page speed optimization or the internal linking of your content.

SEO brings you long-term traffic

Unfortunately, if advertising is disabled, Google, Facebook & Co. will no longer send you traffic. This is different with SEO texts. Once you do good keyword research, plan and write everything properly, you have a chance of getting page 1 ranking in Google. So what does SEO do ? But where there are page 1 rankings, there is potentially an opportunity to stay there. Your content is then obviously good. If you update them regularly, a valuable building block for search engine optimization has been laid. SEO brings you long-term traffic.

You attract the right customers

In research, you define in advance which content and which keywords you use to pursue which goal. So you might get leads with copy that shows your expertise. These include eg. B. newsletter contacts or social media followers. You decide where you direct visitors. You can also create content that directly draws attention to your offer. This means that you can already control who clicks on your content and who you want to reach when writing your SEO texts.

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